Quick Trolley System

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The Integrated Trolley is a full system that promotes quick and efficient cleaning. It allows the storage and organization of all required cleaning tools into a single trolley. When used together with our Quick Mops, daily cleaning is made seamless and effortless. The Trolley comes with cabinets equipped with locks and keys to allow safekeeping of items.

This Multi – Function Trolley allows easy placements all required tools. It can be changed from a flat mop system to a traditional mop system with the exchange of the front buckets, bringing convenience and efficacy to the users.



Papi Trolley is a professional cleaning trolley, designed to quickly organize daily cleaning operations. It comes with four large compartments that allows easy placement of required tools. Being compact and light, the trolley is suitable for use in a variety of locations such as airports, schools, malls, offices, restaurants and hotels.

Showing all 2 results