Single Disc Scrubber

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Easi Scrub Classic brings new light to the traditional rotary scrubbing machines. Unlike a normal single disc scrubber that is constantly counter-rotating, thus making it difficult to control, EASI SCRUB is stable and easy to utilize. Thanks to a patented technology and structure of the machine, the center of the machine is greatly balance. This make EASI SCRUB easy to control, and less manual strength is required to maintain the machine. EASI SCRUB is suited for most functions ranging from normal daily scrubbing to stone care restoration.



•Stable easy to control

•Suitable for many type of floors

•71 kg pressure

TESTA 43 is a single disc machine that is robust and easy to maintain. It is particularly suitable for both
light and heavy duty works. Testa 43 combines high motor power with compactibility, to ensure no
compromise in working in small areas. They are suitable for scrubbing of hard and vinyl floors and carpet cleaning.


TESTA HD series of TESTA machines are equipped with high performance motors, together with its rotational speed of 175 RPM, it is the desired machine for both conventional maintenance cleaning and basic stone care maintenance . It combines versatility and efficiency with modern ergonomics. Machines are available in different strength, 1.5HP and 2.0HP, to cater to different needs. They are suitable for scrubbing of hard floors; carpet cleaning; dry maintenance like stripping and polishing.


Showing all 3 results