About us

About Us

Cleantools started off in year 2000 as a manufacturer of basic plastic tools such as buckets and wringers. As the years go by, and with the beneficial inputs from our dedicated dealers worldwide, we have then progressed to become a manufacturer of machines such as scrubbers and orbital machines.

In order to meet with the ever-growing demands of the different market sectors (e.g. healthcare, education, retail and general facilities), Cleantools constantly upgrades our products and manufacturing standards. Apart from just providing functional equipment, we believe in external aesthetics. In addition, Cleantools also invests heavily in research and time to understand the needs and pains of the direct users and produce tools and machines that will be able to reduce their woes in using these cleaning products. In 2018, Cleantools proudly produced the Quick Mop Papi Spray Mop that was award with the Singapore Good Design Award. This is the start of our motions in developing products that has our users in mind.

Cleantools adheres to strict quality control protocol to ensure that our products are produce with no to very minimal errors so that we can increase the confidence of our dealers. We constantly upgrade our manufacturing process to bring only the best to all our clients. Cleantools also values feedback, be it positive or negative, as we believe that this is the way to allow us to continuously grow into a better company.

In Cleantools, your needs are our priority.

Headquarters: Singapore
Satellite offices: Malaysia and China