QuickMop is a series of bucketless mopping system that includes two types of mops – the PAPI and the MMS. It can then be utilized with QuickSwab – a diverse range of microfibre cleaning pads for thorough cleaning.

QuickMop is a fully integrated system that promotes fast and efficient cleaning while eliminating the need for a bucket or wringer. It brings both convenience and efficacy to the users. QuickMop is specially designed to sustain robust uses and it caters to professional industrial use in areas, where routine cleaning is required. In addition, it has also been designed for use in hospitals and clinics where quick response, effective and targeted cleaning are essentials for a clean and hygienic environment.

Both the MMS and PAPI use aluminium poles that are lightweight and easy to manueuvre. It adds no stress to the cleaner while in use. Despite them being light, they are of industrial strenght and quality. The QuickzMop effectively  reduces the use of chemical and water, making it cost effective.


Easy removal of 350 ml anti-leak bottle if needed

Easy adjusting of pole’s length to suit different users

Quick dispense of cleaning agent over target floor

Use with a bottle pouch to reduce downtime


QuickMop can be paired with the many different QuickSwab microfibre  cleaning pads for varied purposes

Pick Form the range of different mop heads and simple snap it onto QuickMop to perform the desired function.

Plastic attachment

Round mop

Aluminium attachment

Window tool

Thanks to a special gadget, the PAPI can also be used as a window/wall cleaning tool. A stable mist is dispensed even if mop is upside down. Just attach PAPI to our window wiper and the matching wiper pad for window cleaning.

The PAPI and MMS can be attached to a grout brush to effectively remove any presence of unsightly grout. The grout brush is made high quality bristles and is constructed in a way that is able to effectively scrub off grout.