Testa HD 50

TESTA 50, a larger based single disc machine, is suitable for larger areas. cleaning. It is relevant for countries where a need for 21″ machines is present. They are suitable for scrubbing of hard and vinyl floors and carpet cleaning.

Voltage220 V
Weight:54 KG
Power:1100 W (1.5 HP)
Frequency:50 Hz
Working Width:21 In
Rotation Speed:150 RPM
Noise Level:54 dB
Dimension:64 x 55 x 120 CM

Machines are equipped with a safety feature where simutaneous triggering of switch and safety button is needed to activate the machine.

3-geared motor promotes a smoother motor motion with less noise, lowering the total noise level.

Carefully crafted handle to promote comfort when using machine. Working height of machine can be easily adjusted with the levers present on the handle.