Looks Like a regular scrubber, but works otherwise! The Orbital EASI is a breakthrough in the range of single disc machines. Orbital EASI works in a roto-orbital motion that that produces consistent vibrations. These vibrations promote efficient cleaning as it allows full and prolonged contact of cleaning pad to target floor.

Unlike a normal floor scrubber, the Orbital EASI is not only stable, but very easy to control. Its stability is provided by its consistent vibration. As such, users will find it easy to use as they will face little resistance from the machine, thereby reducing training time and ultimately cost.



The rota-orbital motion increases cleaning efficiency. With great stability, less training time is also required


The Orbital EASI has less current consumption than a normal floor scrubber


The machine prevents water from being dispersed from cleaning radius, thus less water is used


Less cleaning agent and water are used as they are well kept within the cleaning radius.

Working Width:17In
Rotation Speed:1490RPM
Noise Level:56dB
Dimension:58 x 46 x 118 cm

Like the Ace, EASI can also be applied on different types of floor, be it carpet, hard floor, vinyl, or different types of stones. With its rota-orbital motion, the Orbital Ace ensures that every fibres and pores of the floors are cleaned and maintained.

Normal floor scrubbers works by swinging from left to right, creating a hovering effect. This prevents full contact with the floor, thus less cleaning is done

Orbital EASI cleans by constanting vibration directy on the floor. This vibration allows dirt to be shaken off the ground and removed easily. As it does not swing, the EASI is able to grip completely to the surface, allowing constant pressure to the floor surfaces.