The Orbital ACE is a breakthrough in the range of single disc machines. It combines orbital and rotary motions into one, thereby causing constant vibration that is able to increase cleaning efficiency. This rota-orbital movement also gives the machine its great stability, thus enhancing the performance of a regular single disc machine. Users will find it easy to use as they will face little resistance from the machine, as such training time is greatly reduced.



The rota-orbital motion increases cleaning efficiency. With great stability, less training time is also required


The Orbital Ace consumes less energy than a regular single disc machine.


The machine prevents water from being dispersed from cleaning radius, thus less water is used


As cleaning agent and water is well kept within the cleaning radius, less of such is being used. Also, the mechanism of this machine allows the use for less or no cleaning agent for regular light daily maintenance.

Voltage:220 V
Weight:50/55 Kg
Power:1100 W
Frequency:50 Hz
Working Width:17 In
Rotation Speed:1490 RPM
Noise Level:56 dB
Dimension:69 x 46 x 128 cm

Orbital Ace can be applied on different types of floor, be it carpet, hard floor, vinyl, or different types of stones. With its rota-orbital motion, the Orbital Ace ensures that every fibres and pores of the floors are cleaned and maintained.

Machines are equipped with a safety feature where simutaneous triggering of switch and safety buttonis needed to activate the machine.

Chasis can be lifted over the motor to increase total working weight on target floor. This allows more pressure to be exerted, making work more effective.

Machine comes with large wheels and stable chasis for easy manoeuvrability. Large wheels on ground also makes working easier and more efficient.